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JULY 7, 8, & 9,  2017

The Taos Pueblo Pow Wow is an Alcohol and Drug Free Event


Admission- (includes camera/video fee)
$15 per person/per day       $20 per person/2 day pass        $25 per person/3 day pass     Children 10 & under - Free
*No refunds due to inclement weather. CASH ONLY, please no personal checks

*Tickets only available at the gate during the pow wow weekend.
For further information, please call 888-285-6344  Advanced ticket sales for large groups only. Please email to submit your request. 


Parking is located directly west of the pow wow grounds.  There is no fee for parking.  Handicapped parking is located near the main entrance to the grounds.  We apologize that we cannot allow handicapped parking or drop offs within the pow wow grounds.  Parking areas are not lit so we strongly advise to bring a flashlight.



Gates are open to visitors at 10am on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  The Pow Wow ends approxmiately at 10pm on Saturday & Sunday; 6pm on Sunday.



Admission & camera fees are seperate for both Taos Pueblo and the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow.  Please visit the Taos Pueblo website for more information on admission fees.



There are many arts & crafts and food vendors that set up at the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow.  Sterling silver jewelry, beadwork, shawls, paintings, and the like will be for sale at the numerous booths that encircle the pow wow grounds.  There is also a variety of different foods like curly fries, fry bread, roasted lamb, mutton, turkey legs, roasted corn and kettle corn that should be sampled while you enjoy your visit to the pow wow.



Since there is no permanent seating under the arbor, visitors are advised to bring their own chairs.  Please allow room for drums under the arbor.  We apologize that we cannot allow canopies outside or inside the arbor. 



Photos are for personal use only. Camera fee is included in the price of admission and includes all cameras, video cameras, cell phones, and tablets.

Commercial photography (for resale, stock photography, website, etc.), video, and audio taping of the pow wow and of the pow wow grounds will require advance notification of the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow Committee. Fees are determined on a case by case basis.

The use of drones are not allowed during the pow wow 


The Taos Pueblo Pow Wow Committee asks that our visitors observe these rules: The arena area & announcers stand are off limits to photographers. Please  ask permission of an individual before taking their photo. Please do not touch dancers regalia without permission


Restrooms and portable washing stations are available on the perimeter of the pow wow grounds.


Pets are not allowed within the pow wow grounds.  Pets are allowed within the campground area but must be kept on a leash at all times.


Camp sites are available to visitors to the pow wow for a fee of $25 in specially designated areas. Please pay camping fee when you pay your admission fee. Taos Pueblo tribal members, dancers, and drum groups are exempt. Taos Pueblo tribal members have established camp sites that are inherited east of the arena.

Please be advised of the following:

-Camp areas are considered "primitive" with no electricity or sewage.

-Camp fires are allowed only in fire rings and grills.

-Please keep campsites out of designated roadways and the pow wow arena.

-The Taos Pueblo Pow Wow Committee reserves the right to move campsites to ensure the safety of campers and ease congestion.

-Parking monitors, tribal police, and security will monitor camping areas with frequency.

-Pets are allowed in the campground area ONLY and must be kept on a leash.

-Fireworks are prohibited by order of the Taos Pueblo WarChief's Office.

-All campers are encouraged to leave their campsites clean. This includes the removal of all trash and any arbors made of brush before departure.

**Showers are available at High Altitude Fitness ( formerly known as Northside Health & Fitness Center) (575.751.1242), 1307 Paseo del Pueblo Sur (half a mile south of the pow wow grounds) for $5. This fee covers the showers and any wet areas.  Hours are Friday 5pm - 9pm; and Saturday and Sunday 8am - 8pm.  - Bring your own towels!!


While we will do welcome RV's, we cannot supply hookups to electricity, water, and sewage. All RV's will be escorted to the designated RV parking area by a TPPW Traffic Monitor. The Traffic Monitor Supervisor has the right to move RV's out of certain areas to reduce congestion.

Facilities for RV's are available at:

Taos Montebello RV Park (575.751.0774)

Located 2 miles west of the TPPW Grounds on US Hwy 64 


Daytime temperatures can be quite warm (upper 70's to mid 80's), while nighttime temperatures can be cold (40's to 50's).  It is advisable to bring a medium weight jacket for the evening. Please be advised that the pow wow grounds are located in a rural area. Roads are not paved and terrain around the pow wow grounds is grassy and sometimes uneven.  Comfortable shoes are a must. 

Taos Pueblo
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